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What is an Orthodontist and What Do They Do?

If you are looking to improve the alignment of your smile, your dentist may recommend you to an orthodontist.

But what is an orthodontist? And what do orthodontists do?

The field of dentistry has specialties, and orthotics is one of them.

Today we’ll answer the question of “what does an orthodontist do” so you can understand why a dentist would recommend one.

What is an Orthodontist?

An orthodontist is specially trained in preventing, diagnosing, and treating tooth misalignment. The focus of this discipline is to move the teeth to an ideal position using methods like Invisalign or braces.

This area is not purely cosmetic. Dental alignment is not only about appearance. Crooked teeth put you at a higher risk of gum disease, tooth decay, and other dental issues. That is why straightening them is so important.

Dentist vs Orthodontist: What is the Difference?

An orthodontist is a type of dentist that’s undergone more specific training. They earned the same dental education as a general dentist, but they then completed more schooling in their area of specialty.

Just like your general physician, a general dentist covers a wide array of dental issues. However, an orthodontist is a specialist that has more experience and education handling a certain area of dentistry: alignment.

What Do Orthodontists Do?

An orthodontist ultimately helps you with your tooth alignment. This does not mean that they only address your bite when it is off. They focus on preventing bite issues whenever possible. They will work with children to look out for any early signs of problems and intervene with retainers or other options when necessary.

Orthodontists of course also work to address current alignment issues. They offer orthodontic services including:

Orthodontic Treatment in Markham, ON

Now that you know the answer to “what is an orthodontist” and “what does an orthodontist do” it’s time to make sure you get the orthodontic care you need. If you’re looking to assess or improve the alignment of your teeth, we’re here to help!

With Bright View Dental Care, you do not need to find a separate orthodontist. Our dental clinic provides you with an orthodontist in Markham to address your dental alignment needs.

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