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Choosing a dentist in Markham can be a difficult decision. There are many qualified experienced dentists, so why choose Bright View Dental Care team?

Dr. Sadiq

Dr. Sadiq brings a wealth of dental expertise to her practice. She earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree (DDS) from the University of Alberta in 2004. She also holds a Bachelor of Dental Surgery Degree (BDS) from Baghdad University, College of Dentistry.

Her special interests are in Orthodontics, Invisalign treatment, Digital restorative and cosmetic dentistry, Laser dentistry, and implant dentistry.

In 2011 she opened her first dental office, Cedar Heights Dental, to serve patients in the Toronto area. In 2020, she opened her second office, Bright View Dental Care in Markham.

Dr. Sadiq spends countless hours in continuing education to keep up with the latest in the sciences of Dentistry. She is also a member of:
  1. Canadian Dental Association
  2. Ontario Dental Association
  3. Toronto East and York district dental society
  4. Academy of General Dentistry
  5. International Orthodontic Association.

Dr. Daniel Cho-Kee

My name is Dr. Daniel Cho-Kee. I was born and raised in Toronto and obtained my undergraduate and dental degrees at Western University in London, Ontario. After that I worked in various clinics across the GTA before enrolling in post-graduate studies at the University of Toronto.

I am a warm and compassionate dentist who limits my practice to endodontics and surgery. My extensive training allows me to perform more complex procedures in a safe, effective, and comfortable way. When I am not at work, I love reading books, travelling and spending time with my family.

Dr. Nermine

Meet Dr. Nermine, DDS at Bright View Dental Care.

Joining the Bright View Dental Care team in June 2023, Dr. Nermine brought with her over seventeen years of dedicated experience in the field of general dentistry. Her dental career blossomed after earning her degree from the prestigious Faculty of Dentistry at Alexandria University in 2005, where she not only honed her skills but also cultivated a passion for providing exceptional patient care.

Dr. Nermine is recognized for her specialties in general dentistry, backed by an unwavering commitment to excellence and a continued pursuit of professional development. She describes herself as passionate, kind-hearted, enthusiastic, and a team player – qualities that are evident in her treatment approach and patient interactions.

Her philosophy towards dentistry is centered around alleviating anxiety and ensuring patient comfort. Dr. Nermine believes she has made the most significant impact when her patients, who may come in feeling anxious or fearful, leave with relief and a smile. “Relieving pain and easing worries,” Dr. Nermine states, “is the most rewarding part of my job.”

Outside the dental office, Dr. Nermine enjoys engaging in activities that enrich her soul and wellbeing. You can often find her swimming, a pastime that reflects her love for serenity and her focus on maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Additionally, her love for music keeps her energized and fosters her enthusiastic outlook on life.
At Bright View Dental Care, Dr. Nermine looks forward to not just caring for your dental needs but also building lasting relationships grounded in trust and mutual respect. Whether you’re coming in for a routine check-up or more comprehensive care, you’re in gentle and capable hands.

Welcome to a place where your comfort and dental health are our top priorities. Welcome to care under Dr. Nermine.


Meet Shakura, a Dental Hygienist at Bright View Dental Care since April 2021. With a career spanning over seven years in the dental field, Shakura brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our practice. Her motivation, kind-hearted nature, efficiency, understanding demeanor, and team player attitude make her an invaluable asset to our team and beloved by patients.

In her daily role, Shakura is deeply committed to patient care, focusing on providing thorough dental cleanings, comprehensive oral health assessments, and educating patients on the importance of proper hygiene practices. Her specialized skills in applying preventive treatments such as sealants and fluorides, taking detailed dental radiographs, and adhering to strict sterilization protocols ensure that our patients receive the highest standard of dental care in a safe and welcoming environment.

What Shakura enjoys most about her job is the opportunity to positively impact patients’ health and well-being. She finds immense satisfaction in empowering her patients with the knowledge and tools they need to maintain excellent oral hygiene. Witnessing the transformation in their oral health over time is not just a professional achievement for Shakura; it’s a personal joy. Beyond treatments and procedures, it’s the personal connections she builds with her patients that she cherishes the most. Providing a comfortable and reassuring experience for those who may feel anxious about dental visits is something Shakura prides herself on. The dynamic and constantly evolving field of dental healthcare keeps her engaged and eager to learn and apply new advancements in her practice.

Outside of work, Shakura enjoys the simple pleasures in life. Whether it’s taking relaxing walks along the beach, getting lost in the melodies of her favorite music, or unwinding with TV shows, she knows the importance of balancing her professional dedication with personal relaxation. These activities not only help her recharge but also keep her grounded and connected to her sense of self.


Meet Narjis a Dental Hygienist at Bright View Dental Care Joining the team in October 2023, Narjis Hussain brought with her an extensive and rich background in dental hygiene that began back in 1996. With more than two and a half decades dedicated to improving oral health, Narjis stands out as a compassionate and skilled dental hygienist who is deeply committed to providing excellent patient care.

Her day-to-day responsibilities at Bright View Dental Care encompass a wide range of dental hygiene services. From conducting thorough assessments of medical histories and taking radiographs to performing scaling, polishing, and fluoride treatments, Narjis ensures that each patient, regardless of age, receives the highest standard of care. She is particularly skilled in periodontal therapy, leveraging her ongoing education to make a positive impact on her patients’ health and well-being. Recognizing the importance of patient comfort and knowledge, Narjis goes above and beyond to ensure that everyone sitting in her chair feels fully informed and at ease.

Beyond the Dental Office what Narjis treasures most about her profession is the ability to build meaningful relationships with her patients and witnessing the joy their radiant smiles bring. Her commitment to her craft extends outside the office as well; she is an active member of both the Ontario Dental Hygienists Association (ODHA) and the Toronto North Dental Hygienist’s Society. These affiliations keep her at the forefront of dental hygiene, informed of all the current practices and innovations in the field.

Narjis pursues her passions for traveling and cooking, and cherishes spending quality time with her family. Her zeal for helping clients conquer their dental fears and educating them on maintaining oral health is a testament to her dedicated service to dental hygiene.


Meet Mojgan, our dedicated Dental Assistant at Bright View Dental Care. Mojgan began her career as a dental assistant in September 2023 when she joined our team. Mojgan, a team player at Bright View Dental Care, is known for her friendly demeanor and motivated spirit. She has a kind-hearted personality, an enthusiastic nature, and a positive attitude.

Mojgan’s daily responsibilities include preparing and setting-up operation rooms for procedures. She also ensures cleanliness and sterilization of instruments. She is committed to providing the best possible care in a welcoming and safe environment.

Mojgan finds satisfaction in her ability to positively impact the oral health and lives of her patients. She is happy to know that her work has a positive effect on their lives.

Mojgan has an active lifestyle outside of work. She loves to go to the gym, spend time with her family and friends, shop at the grocery store and mall, and relax with TV shows and movies. Her energetic personality and her love of socializing are reflected in these activities. She is not only an important member of Bright View Dental Care, but also a vital presence in the community.

Bright View Dental Care is a better place because of Mojgan’s passion for dentistry, her unwavering commitment to the well-being of patients, and her energetic energy. We are happy to have her on our team, and we look forward to seeing the positive impact that she will continue to have in our patients’ lives.



Meet Halima, a dedicated Dental Assistant at Bright View Dental Care, who joined our team in February 2024. Halima began her career in the dental field in 2023, bringing with her not only a fresh fervor for dentistry but also a kind-hearted nature that makes her a perfect fit for our team.

Halima stands out for her friendly demeanor, motivated spirit, passionate approach to her work, and her innate ability to work seamlessly within our team. Every day, she greets our patients with a big, welcoming smile, ensuring they feel at comfort and ease from the moment they step into our office. She takes the time to get to know our patients on a personal level, fostering a warm and inviting environment that many have come to appreciate and look forward to during their visits.

Her day-to-day responsibilities include the precise sterilization of instruments and preparing our patients for their procedures, ensuring everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Halima thrives on meeting new people and cherishes the strong, friendly connections she forms with our staff and the community we serve.

Outside the office, Halima enjoys leading an active lifestyle, deeply valuing time spent outdoors and immersing herself in nature. Walking is her exercise of choice, allowing her to both relax and stay fit. Above all, she cherishes moments spent with family and friends, as these relationships are the foundation of her life outside work.

At Bright View Dental Care, we are proud to have Halima as part of our team, where her passion for dentistry and commitment to patient care shine brightly. Her presence not only enhances our office atmosphere but also ensures that every patient’s visit is a pleasant and comfortable experience.


Meet Mala, a key member of the dynamic team at Bright View Dental Care since 2022. With a career that kicked off in 2019, Mala has quickly become known for her friendly demeanor, charm, and unwavering motivation in the field of dentistry. Her passion for her work, coupled with a kind-hearted and understanding nature, not only makes her a favorite among patients but also showcases her as a leader and team player within our office.

Mala’s daily tasks revolve around ensuring patient happiness and timeliness with their procedures, a testament to her commitment to exceptional care and service. What she finds most rewarding about her job is the ability to make patients feel happy and better when they see the results of their treatment. Her dedication to assisting and supporting patients through their dental journeys truly embodies the heart of what we do at Bright View Dental Care.

Outside the dental office, Mala indulges in her personal interests that include makeup artistry and hairdressing. These creative pursuits not only keep her happy but also busy, further highlighting her multifaceted talents and open-mindedness. Mala’s ability to balance her professional responsibilities with her personal passions makes her a unique and invaluable part of our team.

Whether she’s creating beautiful smiles at work or stunning looks in her free time, Mala brings a level of humor, warmth, and excellence to everything she does. We are proud to have Mala as part of our family at Bright View Dental Care, where her efforts continue to make a significant impact on the lives of our patients.



Meet Naomi, a dedicated Office Administrator at Bright View Dental Care since September 2022. Beginning her career in this field just a year prior, in September 2021, Naomi has quickly become an indispensable part of our team. Known for her friendly demeanor, motivated attitude, kind-hearted nature, understanding approach, and enthusiasm, she brings a vibrant energy to our office every day.

Naomi’s role at Bright View Dental Care involves a variety of key tasks that ensure our operations run smoothly and efficiently. On any given day, you might find her communicating effectively with patients, scheduling appointments, processing insurance claims, and dealing with billing for insurance companies. What Naomi enjoys most about her job is the opportunity to interact and help our patients. She finds great satisfaction in ensuring every individual who walks through our door feels welcomed and well taken care of.

Outside of work, Naomi leads a full and engaging life. She treasures spending quality time with her family, immersing herself in a good book, and expressing herself through music. An avid lover of travel and adventure, Naomi relishes the opportunity to see new places, often taking road trips to explore unknown destinations.

At Bright View Dental Care, Naomi is more than just an office administrator; she’s a valued team member whose contributions make a significant difference in the experiences of our patients and the effectiveness of our practices.

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